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Location: Mostar

War tour is a history from my heart and my mind. As I born, raised, eye-witness, suffered and went through the war (1992 – 1995), more than 5000 buildings were damaged in the inner city, and infrastructure, industry were devastated. War affected thousands of thousand people including my family members. The war tour is all my first-hand experience and eye witness of the allies that help during the combat, the treatment of the allies to the local and local life during the world. It is my personal story and I will give you an insight of before the fall of Yugoslavia by forces outside of the country, during the war time and the life after the war time. On our way back to Mostar, I will bring you to the secret base, where I serve in the army. Then I walk you through the shadow of war-torn financial district, the combat situation in the city and the end of the war.